• Geotechnical Site Investigations - ground characterization 
  • Shallow Footings & Deep Foundations (piles, caissons)
  • Mat Foundations
  • Granular Engineered Fill Support Pads
  • Reinforced Engineered Fill Pads and Retaining Systems
  • Light Weight Fill
  • Insulated Foundations
  • Compensated Raft Foundations
  • Site Preloading (Consolidation Settlement)
  • Earth and Rock Anchors
  • Pavement Structure Design 
  • Soil Bearing Confirmation
  • Temporary Earth Retention Systems (Steel Sheet Pile)
  • Embankment/Slope Stability Analysis and Stabilization
  • Seepage Analysis and Mitigation
  • Erosion Control
  • Earth Construction Staging - using wick drains or preloading
  • Dam Safety Assessments and Rehabilitation
  • Aggregate Pit Assessments

geotechnical engineering SERVICES



Down to Earth Geotechnical Engineering is a professional engineering company specializing in geotechnical design and inspection services.  Our mission is to provide geotechnical engineering and inspection services across Northern Ontario in a manner that our clients value with open and honest efforts to give them reasonable and practical solutions with direct answers to their unique situations.  Down to Earth’s staff is committed to providing quality work and achievement on projects for both public and private sector clients across Northern Ontario. Down to Earth's well thought out approach to geotechnical engineering design provides clients with optimal safe and cost effective foundation designs; with potential construction savings in the thousands of dollars. Down to Earth Geotechnical Engineering provides the following geotechnical design and inspection services:

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