Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling Services

253 Old Garden River Road

Sault Ste. Marie, ON, P6B 5A7

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Down to Earth Geotechnical Engineering is proud to offer geotechnical and environmental drilling services with the same quality of prompt and efficient services our customers have come to know.  We have gained experience with the soils throughout Northern Ontario, from Sudbury to Thunder Bay, and we utilize this experience on all our drilling projects to be more effective and environmentally friendly. 


Down to Earth provides the following drilling services:


  • Subgrade Soil Confirmation Inspections
  • Soil Bearing Capacity Confirmation Inspections
  • Engineered Fill Placement Inspections
  • Concrete Reinforcing Steel Inspections​
  • Pile Driving Inspections
  • Material Sampling​
  • ​On Site Field Technicians



  • Hollow and Solid Stem Augering
  • 2 inch Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) and Soil Sampling 
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrating Testing
  • inch Diameter Split Spoon Soil Sampling
  • Diamond Coring Dense Glacial Till and Bedrock
  • Mud Rotary Drilling
  • Monitoring Well/Piezometer Installation and Decommissioning
  • Inclinometer Pipe Installation
  • ​Rock Core Logging